Beautiful Legends

Author/Artist: REDICE
(He also does Solo Leveling if u wondering why art is similar)
Beautiful Legends, a unit considered legendary. A certain girl who got eternal life by a painting, a martial arts practitioner, a wolf man, Frankenstein and vampire, fight against the villains who threaten humanity for personal and professional reasons.

Read the Oneshot here , Raw
Read the first chapter here , Raw

First 20 ch of raw are free, rest behind paywal

Now Comico holds a contest every year, This oneshot was featured there and it won the prize of best comic/art something and then an year later it started serializing in comico (Artcile)
It serialized and completed with 80 hell of chapters of non stop fights
But unfortunately for god knows why, the entire comic was removed from comico. After ch 80 it went on hiatus and them was terminated(article).
Now dont worry despite it being removed, our saviors internet archives has archived it and you can view few chapters, check the archive here (Go back to older dates to view the chapters before it was removed)

Now additionally comico also had it out in Traditional Chinese and those Chinese version is still there which you can read here
However after couple of chapters its put behind a paywall, you can use paypal to buy coins and view it.
YOu can read all the chapters 1-80 on a third party site.

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